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Residential Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons Provides Residential Carpet Cleaning Services to Chicago & It’s Suburbs.

One of the best feelings in the world for a homeowner is the luxurious warmth of carpet under your feet. Carpets add beauty to your home, but their constant use leaves them susceptible to dirt and damage. While some homeowners attempt to deep clean their own carpets by using rental equipment, your carpet will look its best only with regular and thorough cleaning from the experts at Chicago’s best cleaning and restoration company, ServiceMaster By Simons. Renting equipment does not pre-treat pesky spots or rinse your carpets with water afterwards. Trying to take care of your carpets yourself is time consuming and often leaves you with overly-wet carpets and detergent residue. Using our special ServiceMaster Clean products and techniques, we’ll be sure to extend the life of your carpets and to protect your precious investment by following a thorough cleaning process to ensure both dirt and detergents are cleaned from your carpets using high-powered and truck-mounted equipment.

Rethink rented carpet cleaners

ServiceMaster By Simons is America’s trusted professional for Carpet Cleaning Services. Whether you need regular cleaning appointments or need an emergency fix, be sure to call the BEST when you need help.

Here at ServiceMaster By Simons we have trained technicians who know the exact amount of pressure to use when cleaning, which cleaning products are best for your carpet and how to remove soil, stains and spots without leaving behind a sticky residue or over wetting your carpets. Fortunately for you, our experts handle all types of residential carpet cleaning

What is the Carpet Cleaning process?

Upon ServiceMaster By Simons’ arrival to your property, our trained IICRC Certified technician will begin to access your carpets and begin our cleaning process, which includes:

  • Inspection and assessment of carpets to determine the best cleaning method required
  • Pre-treatment of spots, stains and other soiled areas of the carpet, or entire carpet if necessary
  • Application of cleaning solution to selected areas to loosen dirt (green products available)
  • Thorough extraction of carpet with clean, hot water
  • Post-treatment of any stubborn remaining stained areas
  • Grooming of entire carpet or selected areas for optimized drying and a uniform appearance
  • Final inspection and walk-through of carpets to ensure customer satisfaction

Carpet cleaning in Chicago is what we do. Take a day off and let the professionals at ServiceMaster By Simons take care of your carpets for you. We provide a variety of residential cleaning services including hard surface floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and house wide cleaning. Contact ServiceMaster By Simons today!

Professional carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster By Simons helps:

  • Eliminate dust mites, allergens ad trapped-in soil
  • Reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, diseases and mold
  • Remove stains and spots already present
  • Reduce the effects of wear, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Restore the natural, clean appearance and texture of the carpets
  • Extend the life of the carpets up to several years
  • Protect your carpet investment using the Scotchgard™ carpet protector to prevent future spots and spills from settling in

Have Questions or Need More Information?

If your carpets have fallen victim to fire damage or water damage, you can still call on us! ServiceMaster By Simons employs IICRC certified technicians who have the ability to restore your carpet back to, or as close as possible to, its pre-loss condition. After carefully inspecting your carpet fabrics, we can determine the applications needed for restoration. Don’t throw away your carpeting due to water or fire damage. We may be able to restore the carpets and save you the expense of buying new.

No other item can affect the appearance of your home like your carpet can. Our recommendation is that carpets be professionally cleaned every six months to a year. ServiceMaster By Simons has the expertise and equipment to fully remove dirt, moisture, and detergents from carpet. Too often, people use rented equipment to clean their carpets themselves, which often leaves carpets too wet and with leftover detergent residue. Excess water from this equipment can lead to mold growth in padding and subfloors, causing further damage down the road. For thorough carpet cleaning done the right way, call the professionals at ServiceMaster By Simons.

Remember, neglect or improper care can lead to matting, fading, fraying and premature and costly replacement. So keep your carpeting in good shape with regular cleaning from us.

ServiceMaster By Simons is here to serve you. If you have questions about the Carpet Cleaning or  Restoration process, or you are concerned about Carpet Cleaning and Restoration services performed by another company, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

ServiceMaster By Simons is here to restore your carpets – FAST! As Chicagoland’s trusted name in Carpet Cleaning Services, it is important to know that you can rely on the expertise and professionalism required to return your property to normal. Call ServiceMaster By Simons immediately at 773-376-1110 or toll free at 855-9-SIMONS (855-974-6667)

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional carpet cleaning can be just pennies compared to the cost of replacing it. Call today to get an estimate from one of our professionals.
The amount of time will be contingent on the size of the area needing to be cleaned and processes used – either low moisture, portable extraction or truck-mount extraction, in terms of efficiencies and time. A highly trained ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons technician can help you choose a program that best meets your needs and schedule.
The team at ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons will work with you to schedule a time convenient for you. Our technician will inform you of estimated dry times needed.
We recommend using only ServiceMaster Clean products. For more information, contact your local ServiceMaster Clean professional.
To keep your carpets in your home looking their best, we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months depending on traffic. Many carpet manufacturers require professional cleaning to maintain your warranty, so save your cleaning receipts.
Allow drying time of six to eight hours before you walk on your carpet. It is best to wait two days before placing heavy furniture back onto your carpet if you are not using blocks.
Depending on the type of carpet we’re cleaning, you may notice a faint scent. This is especially prevalent when cleaning wool carpets. The amount of time it takes for the odor to dissipate is usually within several hours, but varies based on air circulation, heat and humidity. A big difference in the way ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons cleans carpet compared to many of our competitors is that we do not put soap in our rinse water. We pre-spray the carpets, remove the spots before using clean hot water extraction, ensuring we do not leave any soapy residue behind. This allows for fresh, clean carpets.
Yes. Remove breakables from the tops of furniture in the room(s) we will be cleaning. Pick up items from the floor, such as rugs, plants, toys, pet beds, etc. Pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned.
To get the best results with professional carpet cleaning, we recommend removing furniture from the rooms we will be cleaning. However, we can place blocks under lighter items such as end tables, coffee tables, dining room chairs, loveseats, chairs and small sofas. Items we clean around instead of moving include beds, armoires, pieces containing china and electronics, exercise equipment and large or heavy sofas.
Immediately after cleaning, it’s best to allow carpets to dry for at least eight hours before walking on them. Walking on them may flatten the fibers. When walking on them for the following eight hours, wear white cotton socks. Use air movers if needed to help air circulation as this will speed up the drying time. If a carpet protector such as ScotchgardTM was applied, foot traffic should be minimized for up to 24 hours to let the product cure. Don’t move any furniture back in place until carpet is completely dry or the Scotchgard carpet protector has cured. Regular maintenance includes vacuuming often and cleaning up spills immediately.
Our technical experts at ServiceMaster Clean recommend using a clothes steamer to remove the furniture dents. If you do not have a clothes steamer handy, you can use a kitchen towel and an iron. Place a damp towel over the carpet dent. Heat the iron to a medium heat setting then set the iron on the damp towel. You can use the steam button on the iron periodically. Remove the iron and towel to check the carpet. If it is to your liking, use your fingers to fluff the carpet. If the dent still needs work, place the warm iron on the damp towel and repeat. This process is not suitable for carpets made of olefin fiber.