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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons provides Commercial Carpet Cleaning services for businesses and commercial buildings throughout Chicago, Oak Park and the northern suburbs of Illinois

When you need commercial carpet cleaning in Chicago IL, Oak Park IL or the northern suburbs of Illinois or your carpets need to be restored following fire or water damage, you can count on ServiceMaster By Simons! Due to constant traffic of employees, customers, and other guests, the carpeting of your commercial building takes quite a beating. Salt, mud, stains, and all other types of debris are ground into the carpet fibers, which causes a worn, sullied appearance in your carpet. Routine vacuuming can get rid of the top-level debris, but a professional commercial carpet cleaning company can give you a more thorough, long-lasting clean that will prolong the life of your carpets. At ServiceMaster By Simons, our professional commercial carpet cleaning in Chicago and the suburbs will leave your carpets looking like new. Don’t replace your carpet just because it looks worn! Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance will actually save you money in the long run; so make sure you call the professionals at ServiceMaster By Simons!

Here are our steps for commercial carpet cleaning in Chicago and the suburbs of northern Illinois:

  • Inspect the carpets to decide the best cleaning method needed
  • Pre-treat spots, stains, and other soiled areas of the carpeting
  • Apply tested cleaning solution to loosen ground-in dirt (green cleaning products are available)
  • Thoroughly rinse carpeted areas with clear, hot water
  • Post-treat any stubborn stained areas on the carpets
  • Groom carpets for quick and uniform drying, and ensuring there is no dampness left over
  • Final inspection of the carpeted areas to ensure customer satisfaction

Disaster in your place of business can leave your carpets with smoke damage or charring from commercial fire damage, as well as water damage from flooding. ServiceMaster By Simons will help restore your carpets from any disaster. It’s what we do best! Once the immediate damage is controlled, our team will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to remove and mitigate damage from your office’s carpets.

ServiceMaster By Simons has the commercial carpet cleaning expertise and technology to remove dirt, debris, charring, and moisture from your carpets, as well as daily traffic soiling. It is recommended that every 6 to 12 months, you invest in professional commercial carpet cleaning services to prolong the life of the carpet in your offices. Why spend enormous amounts of money on having your carpets replaced, when you can have your carpets cleaned by the professional commercial carpet cleaning company in Chicago, IL- ServiceMaster By Simons! Contact ServiceMaster By Simons today at 773-376-1110. In the North Shore, call us at 847-326-9145.