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Hoarder Cleaning Sauganash Chicago IL – ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons


ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Chicago’s leader in Specialty Cleaning and Restoration, Provides Hoarder & Clutter Cleanup Services to Homes, Apartments and Senior Facilities in Chicago’s Sauganash Community


When a friend or loved one living in the Sauganash community has an enormous amount of stuff in their home, the fine line between being a collector and a hoarder can become blurred. To be considered a Hoarder, a person with a hoarding disorder will usually have extreme anxiety about parting with a wide variety of possessions, while a collector will focus on keeping one type of objects such as action figures or baseball cards. On top of that, a hoarder’s items will be covering so much space it could possibly be hazardous for their health since they can’t access easily access exits and may be at higher risks of trips and falls.

Whether they are a hoarder or an avid collector, if you know someone struggling with extreme clutter there are options for them to get the help they need. Those living in the Sauganash neighborhood of Chicago, IL can rely on the Hoarder Cleaning Services provided by ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons for helping with these matters.

Our technicians are able to provide the following services:


  • Full removal of all “tagged” items
  • Hauling of appliances
  • Cleanup of dwelling, including all bathrooms and kitchens
  • Arrangements to have appliances, furniture and other items donated to a favorite charity or thrift shop
  • Full repair or reconstruction packages, if needed
  • Full paint packages, if needed


ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons understands the difficulty hoarders have parting with their possessions. The technicians we send take time to work with the client to make the process as smooth as possible. To ensure the cleanup process goes well, it is imperative that the person requiring the help is ready to part with their items.


As part of our cleanup process, we provide thorough cleaning services to the home once the clutter has been removed. When items accumulate in an area for extended amounts of time, there is a good chance for dirt, filth, and bacteria to build up. Our cleaning services will work hard and fast to sterilize the home and make it habitable again.


When the time is right, give ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons a call at 773-376-1100 and request our hoarder cleanup services in Sauganash, Chicago, IL. We can immediately respond with the most efficient, comprehensive, and compassionate services offered in the industry.


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