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Ravenswood Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration Ravenswood – Smoke & Soot Damage Cleaning –  ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons Chicago IL – Fire Damage Cleanup


ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Chicago’s Trusted Name in Commercial and Residential Disaster Restoration Services, Provides Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago’s Ravenswood Neighborhood




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Ravenswood is a bustling north side community of Chicago. Bordered by the Chicago River on the west, this mixed residential and commercial area has the highest number of distinctive courtyard-style residential buildings in the city. With excellent access to the city via many transit lines, Ravenswood is a popular choice for living in the city for young professionals and families.

With the proximity of the buildings being so close, Fire & Smoke Damage can spread very quickly in the Ravenswood area. Residents need to have a clear plan on how to escape their dwelling in the event of a fire.



Residents need ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons



 Ravenswood Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration - ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons Chicago IL



Here are some fire safety tips everyone who lives in an apartment or condo should know:



  • Know where your exits are
    There must be two means of exits (called egress) from your rental unit. A primary exit is usually a door that leads to a stairway or hallway to the outside. A secondary exit would be another door in the structure with an indoor or outdoor staircase, or a fire escape, accessible through a window. An elevator is not an acceptable means of exit as elevators typically go offline during a fire.
  • Keep exits clear
    Make sure there are no objects such as bicycles, garbage bins, or strollers blocking doors. Also, make sure that your apartment door lock can be opened from the inside with a thumb turn that does not require the use of a key.
  • Maintain for fire safety
    Replace batteries in smoke detectors, make sure hallway area lights are operational, and latches on windows are able to be opened.



Fire & smoke damage can occur more quickly than you think. A small, stovetop grease fire in one apartment or condo can quickly spread to multiple units or nearby buildings and require extensive fire & smoke damage restoration services.


Whether your damage is from smoke or flames, ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons can provide quick, efficient fire damage restoration services for your Ravenswood building.


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