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Golf, IL Hoarder and Clutter Cleaning

Professional hoarder clutter cleaning services are provided by the North Shore’s leader in specialty cleaning services, ServiceMaster By Simons, all throughout Golf, Illinois.


Golf is a small residential area located a mere 17 miles northwest of Chicago’s Loop. Of the 175 or so homes in the neighborhood, you’ll find residents who have lived there for many years and who love the proximity of the community to the city and to the nearby O’Hare airport. Located on the Metra line, traveling in and out of the city and northbound is made easy.

Despite the cozy village atmosphere, some residents have needed help with hoarder clutter cleaning from ServiceMaster By Simons. If you have a loved one who just can’t seem to throw anything away to the point that it’s beginning to affect their quality of life, we can help. Severe clutter is sometimes a symptom of a mental health condition called hoarding, but it can also be a sign of aging or dementia. The compulsion to save or hoard is often a loved one’s way of dealing with changes that are happening to them. By keeping items close, they believe they can control their lives better. How can you tell if you need clutter or hoarding cleanup services? Follow our guide below!

The Clutterer:

  • Accumulates items unintentionally.
  • Lacks organizational skills.
  • Cannot make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Cannot categorize items.
  • May want to get rid of things, but is not sure where to begin.
  • May experience shame at their inability to cope and control the order in their home.

The Hoarder:

  • Accumulates goods that are useless or of very limited value.
  • Exhibits severe emotional distress at the thought of reducing the number of items in their home.
  • Has rendered their home space unusable in many areas due to their collections.
  • Has caused severe damage to household structures or has damaged appliances as a result of their possessions.
  • Experiences social isolation.
  • Does not feel the clutter is a problem and in fact feels comforted by it.

We know these situations are heartbreaking and emotional. Our trained technicians can help with hoarding clutter cleaning in a discreet and sympathetic way. For your personalized plan on how to begin restoring your loved one’s home in Golf, call us at ServiceMaster Cleaning Services By Simons at 847-316-9145 at anytime.

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