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When it Comes to Carpet Cleaning, The Proof is in the Pile

July 29, 2013
When you think about commercial or residential carpet cleaning services, you may not have thought about the cleaning process....

What Everyone Ought to Know About Mold and Mold Removal

July 25, 2013
Mold is everywhere—literally and figuratively- so mold removal is a necessary evil. Numerous media stories and investigations provoke fear...

Stopping Leaks Stops Mold

July 16, 2013
Water is so important that we can’t live over three days without it. But in the wrong place at...

Summer Showers

July 3, 2013
Summer is synonymous with baseball, grilling out, greenery, flowers and warm rain showers. But there is a down side...

Fire Damage Made Worse by Smoke Damage

June 28, 2013
We provide fire damage restoration and smoke damage clean up throughout the Chicago area, so we know that when...

Hey Chicago, Flooded Basement? Tips to Avoid the Mess

June 25, 2013
Nobody likes a wet or flooded basement. When it happens it’s important to remove water and to dry surfaces...

The Story of ServiceMaster Restoration by SIMONS

June 12, 2013
When you meet Sam Simons, a few things are immediately obvious. 1. Sam is tall. 2. Sam has a...