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Taking Care of Business | Useful Cleaning Tips for Chicago Businesses

Selecting a Cleaning Contractor. Maybe you already have one, but is it the right one for you? Here’s a list to help you make the best choice. Read

Investing Underfoot – Long Lasting Carpets. Tips on how to keep what you have looking, and what to look for the next time you buy. Read

Putting as Much Faith in the Building Inspector as your Doctor. From our perspective, a building inspector is unique. The building inspector is a generalist and provides an overview of the present condition of the building. Experience and training provide the basis of their ability to detect potential problems in a building. This is analogous to a Medical Doctor that is a General Practitioner”. Read

Security and Your Cleaning Contractor. Many offices employ outside contractors to provide maintenance or cleaning in their building both during and after office hours. Bringing outside workers in your office space often presents concerns about security. Read More to find out how you can select the most secure contractors for your business.

Finding and Keeping a Job in Facilities Management. Whether you’re after your first job, a better job, or a replacement job, you’ll find something useful here. Read

Protecting Your Commercial Carpet Investment. Carpet manufacturing experts agree. A good carpet maintenance program is not only important for protecting commercial carpet investments – it’s essential. The investment that has been made in your building’s carpet is one worth protecting. Read

Furniture Repair or Replacement. When office furniture is damaged, often the first thought is replacement. Consider repairing the piece to restore to its original beauty – usually for a cost less than buying new. Read

Hiring the Right Security. How much security and what kind? Matching the right skills to your specific needs can make for happier people. Read

Mildew Prevention and Control. It looks and smells bad, it damages materials, and it sends the wrong message to your customers.  Find out how to fight back. Read

Does Technology Attract Tenants? Sometimes it does. But the wrong technology is worse than none at all. Find out how to make smart investments before you upgrade. Read

Dangers Of Cubism. No, it isn’t an art revival. But keeping employees happy in a world without walls could be considered a survival skill. Read

Salt – Wintertime Friend or Foe? Salt is a tried and true agent in fighting winter slips and spills. However, the core properties of salt that make it useful in battling snow and ice are the same properties that can hurt the indoor surfaces of your business. Read

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