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Environmental Issues | Useful Tips for Chicago Businesses

Green Cleaning – For You, For Your Work Environment, For Your World. Why use traditional cleaning products and methods, when you can GoGreen? Better for your employees/tenants, better for our world – what could be better? Read

Greening Your Facility Through Recycling. Think about how much office paper and other items are thrown away in your commercial building. Implementing a recycling program is easy, plus helps the environment. Read

“Green” Lighting Programs. Changing traditional light bulbs to their “green” alternatives is a quick and easy way to reduce lighting costs in your operational budget. Read

Sick Buildings. A healthy work environment is crucial to your employees or tenants. Ensure that your workers are as healthy and productive as possible by ensuring your building doesn’t breed sickness. Read

Daylighting – Let the Sun Shine In. Natural light is a proven component of positive mood and productivity. Now, you can use natural light to help reduce lighting expenses. Read

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