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Water Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is an industry leading Water Damage Restoration provider that’s proud to serve Chicago’s North Center neighborhood

North Center has various exciting events and interesting spots to check out. You can visit Martyrs’ to catch a show. This entertainment hub features live shows every single day with acts ranging from rock bands to comedians. You can also visit the Cho Sun Ok restaurant for some fine Korean dining after catching a show.

However, any of these interesting locations can unfortunately suffer from water damage.

Most importantly, your North Center home is also at risk. If your home does suffer from a water damage, contact the professional water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons immediately. We can be at your location in no time to begin the restoration process.

Water damage can happen under all sorts of different circumstances: extreme weather can cause flooding, ice dams can cause your roof to leak, frozen pipes can burst during the winter, and defective water heaters can lead to potential water damage.

The quicker the response to water damage, the better. The potential for mold growth and other water damage related consequences increases as time passes.

Our expert staff is equipped and prepared to provide water damage restoration services for all types of locations and circumstances.

Here is the basic layout of the services we provide:

  • First, we’ll thoroughly inspect your home to spot all damaged areas in order to tailor a water damage restoration plan specific to your needs.
  • We’ll use our industry leading water extraction machinery to begin the process of removing the water.
  • Then, we’ll use specialized products to combat the germs created by water damage.
  • Finally, we’ll combine circulation and dehumidification methods to dry out the area completely. We will also conduct a final test afterwards to ensure that everything has dried thoroughly.

Our company has served the water damage restoration needs of Chicago’s North Center community for quite some time. When you suffer water damage, we’re the ones to call. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us today or call us at 773-376-1110.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Chicago’s Leader in Professional Disaster Restoration Services, provides Fire Damage Restoration Services to homes and businesses in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood

With a wealth of experience, ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is proud to provide quality fire damage restoration services to residents of Chicago’s North Center neighborhood.

There are tons of cool things to do in North Center. You can visit the Architectural Artifacts Museum, which features an eighty thousand square foot showroom filled with artifacts designed and created by world famous architects. You can also watch one of the daily shows put on by the American Theatre Company.

The one thing all buildings and homes in this community have in common is that they can suffer damage from an unexpected fire.

If you’re in need of fire damage restoration services, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons as soon as possible. Our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on providing a quick response, and we can be at your home within just a few short hours of your call.

Our team is equipped to handle any type of fire damage restoration project, including high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, and residences.

Our goal isn’t simply to restore your property; our goal is to restore your peace of mind. We’ll handle the pack-out services and salvaging of materials. We’ll abate the complex chemical problems that arise as a result of fire. We can also take care of any structural repairs that might be needed. We’ll tackle several other common fire damage restoration needs such as soot removal, wall cleaning, ceiling cleaning, and deodorization.

The scope of clutter cleanup work needed differs from case to case, but we have the tools, expertise, and training to take care of your needs.

We understand how stressful and painful this type of situation can be. Let us help to alleviate some of that pain by beginning the fire damage restoration process as soon as possible. For more information or to schedule an appointment, immediately contact or call us today at 773-376-1110.

Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons, Chicago’s leader in professional Hoarder Cleaning, offers Hoarder Clean-up services in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood

According to Psychology Today, an estimated one to two million people in America struggle with hoarding behaviors. While hoarding has become popularized by new entertainment shows, it is anything but entertaining to those that suffer from the disorder, or to those who are affected by hoarding through someone they know.

If you are or someone you know is a North Center resident who suffers from hoarding and you don’t know how or where to begin, start by calling ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons. Here at ServiceMaster By Simons, we understand the emotional and physical toll hoarding takes on a person, and our top priority is to carry the burden for you, leaving you with dignity and peace of mind.

Our hoarder clean-up services include a thorough, top-down cleaning of the entire residence, including particularly tough areas like kitchens and bathrooms. We will remove all “tagged” items and even transport heavy furniture and appliances to a charity or resale shop of your choice. We also offer reconstruction and painting packages upon request. We’re not just providing a clean home, but providing a healthy environment as well.

Our IICRC certified technicians take great care to discreetly remove the overwhelming clutter from your home. We’ve completed removal of hoarding content from many homes in North Center and surrounding neighborhoods in Chicago and take great care to maintain the privacy of our clients.

It’s easy to get lost in the distractions of a busy community like North Center where you can find venues to watch live music, local pubs to watch sports, and restaurants to sample cuisines from across the globe including Irish, Chinese, German, and much more. Give yourself space to enjoy all that the neighborhood has to offer and call ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons today to inquire about our full hoarder clean-up services.

If you’re looking for answers to an overwhelming hoarding situation, we’re the people to count on. For more information about hoarder clean-up services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today or call us at 773-376-1110.

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