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Post-Construction Cleanup

ServiceMaster By Simons, Lake County’s leader in professional cleaning services, provides professional Post Construction Cleanup services to Commercial and Residential clients of Lake Forest, Illinois

There are many tasks and events that can leave a filthy mess in any structure. For landlords, this may be when tenants are either moving in or out. There are also messes left after a building or house undergoes construction. These services tend to leave dust and other sorts of dust particles all over a home or business.

If you’re a landlord who has had tenants move in or out of an apartment complex, or if you own property that recently had construction done, you may have quite a mess to clean up. Fortunately for those in Lake Forest, IL, quality cleaning service professionals such as ServiceMaster By Simons can provide both post-construction cleaning services and apartment cleaning services.

Some of the services our crew can provide include, but are not limited to, the following options:

  • Dusting air diffusers
  • Cleaning lights within construction area
  • Cleaning restroom fixtures
  • Spot-cleaning walls
  • Spot-cleaning interior glass
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot-treating affected carpet areas
  • Damp-mopping hard-surface floors
  • Cleaning windows
  • Refinishing floors

These services are available for homes and shops of all shapes and sizes. Whether we’re cleaning up a single-family house or a building the size of Deerpath Hall on the college campus, we can clean up messes left from construction anywhere in Lake Forest Illinois.

As far as move in/move out services go, landlords and home owners need a reliable cleaning service to keep their building in good shape as tenants come and go. ServiceMaster By Simons offers both carpet and upholstery cleaning services for units and public spaces within complexes located in Lake Forest, IL.

Don’t let a mess reside in your home, business, or apartment complex for too long. Call ServiceMaster By Simons at 847-316-9145 for either our post-construction cleanup or our move in/move out services today!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, Lake Forest IL leader in professional cleaning services, provides Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services to homes and businesses.

When it comes to removing tough stains and ground-in dirt, residents and business owners in Lake Forest IL deserve to have a solution for their carpet cleaning problems. If you want to restore life to your carpets, rely on ServiceMaster By Simons for professional carpet cleaning services.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, our IICRC certified technicians will use the right techniques for the fibers in your carpet. When you count on us for carpet cleaning in your home or business, you receive the following services:

  • Inspection and assessment of carpets to determine the best cleaning method
  • Pre-treatment of spots, stains, and other soiled areas of the carpet, or of the entire carpet if necessary
  • Application of cleaning solution to selected areas to loosen dirt (green products available)
  • Thorough rinsing of carpet with clean, hot water
  • Post-treatment of any stubborn remaining stained area
  • Grooming of entire carpet or selected areas for optimized drying and a uniform appearance
  • Final inspection and walk through of carpets to ensure customer satisfaction

Do you need furniture cleaned as well? No problem! ServiceMaster By Simons can also provide upholstery cleaning services in Lake Forest, IL. Whether it’s cleaning regular stains, dust, or restoring a couch, ServiceMaster By Simons can do just about everything when it comes to cleaning upholstery. Our technicians are even trained to execute dry upholstery cleaning methods for special fabric types.

ServiceMaster By Simons is your one-stop shop for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Lake Forest, IL. Give us a call today at 847-316-9145 and reap the rewards of clean carpet and upholstery at your home or business.

Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, Lake Forest IL leader in professional cleaning services, offers thorough yet discreet hoarder clutter cleaning services to homes, apartments and senior facilities in Lake Forest IL.

There are many dangers involved with hoarding that can make anyone who knows someone struggling with extreme clutter quite concerned. Some of the potential results of prolonged hoarding include:

  • A house or apartment fire, if flammable items are piled near heat sources
  • Health problems caused by animal feces, mold, and lack of sanitation
  • Homelessness, if the hoarding endangers other people’s lives or violates building codes
  • Injury from tripping over piles

All these potential consequences are best to avoid if possible. Those in Lake Forest, IL can turn to ServiceMaster By Simons for their hoarder clean up services to help keep any of these events from happening.

At ServiceMaster By Simons, we possess an understanding of those suffering from hoarding disorder and struggling with extreme clutter. Our technicians work patiently and carefully with our clients to ensure the entire process is done as smoothly as possible. Our hoarder clutter cleaning services include:

  • Full removal of all “tagged” items
  • Hauling of appliances
  • Cleaning of dwelling, including all bathrooms and kitchens
  • Making arrangements to have appliances, furniture, and other items donated to your favorite charity or thrift shop
  • Full home repair or reconstruction packages
  • Full painting packages

Removing the piles of objects may actually be the first of many cleaning jobs necessary in a clutter-filled home. Over time, mold, bacteria, and dirt may build up in areas, creating the need for sanitization and cleaning.

When the time is right, give ServiceMaster By Simons a call at 847-316-9145 and request our hoarder clutter cleaning services available for your residence in Lake Forest IL.

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