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Post-construction Cleaning & Moving Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, the North Shore’s leader in professional Specialty Cleaning Services, can help with Post Construction Cleaning in Kenilworth IL.

Kenilworth is a very affluent North Shore community that borders Lake Michigan.  Since the majority of the residents living in Kenilworth have an annual income of about $250,000, the need for post construction cleaning could be a real necessity.

When it comes to new construction or a remodeling project, no one wants to clean up the mess themselves. That is why ServiceMaster By Simons is always available to properly remove and discard all nature of post-construction debris and trash, plus thoroughly and efficiently clean away remaining construction dust, filth, and residues. Many materials can be recycled, which of course, is good for the environment, and can save money.

Our trained technicians at ServiceMaster By Simons will work hard to get your construction site cleaned up and ready for you to live your life peacefully again.

A few of our post-construction cleaning services offered are vacuuming, cleaning the entire construction area, refinishing or cleaning hard surface flooring, cleaning windows and walls, and much more! We use top notch equipment, and provide superb quality service with our trained experts.

If you for see a home construction project in your future, don’t delay – give ServiceMaster By Simons a call today at 847-316-9145.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, the north shore’s leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, provides carpet and upholstery cleaning to homes in Kenilworth, Illinois

What is so unique about Kenilworth, Illinois? It is one of the newest North Shore communities to grace the Chicagoland area, borders beautiful Lake Michigan, and is located about 17 miles from downtown Chicago. Anyone who lives in Kenilworth can trust the trained technicians at ServiceMaster By Simons to provide quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Who doesn’t want clean furniture and carpet in their home? Carpet and upholstery can easily get soiled and stained, making it look dingy, dull, and perhaps in need of replacement. To get your carpet and upholstery looking like new again, you would definitely benefit from the carpet and upholstery cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster Cleaning By Simons.

The upholstery cleaning process mainly consists of:

  • Vacuuming the furniture
  • Handling stains and damaged areas
  • Washing the affected areas using the hot-steam extraction method
  • Drying the area and assessing the furniture for customer satisfaction

The carpet cleaning process:

  • Inspection of carpets
  • Pre-treatment of stains
  • Application of cleaning solution to loosen dirt.
  • Rinse carpet with clean, hot water
  • Post-treatment of any stubborn stains
  • Dry for a uniform appearance
  • Final inspection

There are many different types of fabrics used to create carpeting and upholstery. Our trained, experienced, and certified technicians know exactly what your specific carpeting or upholstery requires in order to provide the best cleaning and treatment. Safe and effective removal of dirt, stains, and other forms of filth is best left to knowledgeable experts who care for your carpeting and furnishing just as much as you. Be it your favorite lounge chair or heirloom antique, wall-to-wall carpeting or hand-woven rug, ServiceMaster By Simons is your best choice for effective, efficient, thorough, and safe carpet and upholstery cleaning.

If you would like the carpeting and upholstery in your Kenilworth home to look like new again, please give ServiceMaster By Simons a call today to set up an appointment. 847-316-9145

Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, the North Shore’s leader in professional Specialty Cleaning Services, provides professional, discreet Hoarder and Clutter Cleanup Services in Kenilworth, Illinois

In 1889, land was purchased along Lake Michigan, also known as the North Shore, and Kenilworth became one of the newest Chicago suburbs. Even though Kenilworth is known as a community with great wealth, hoarding knows no geographic or economic boundaries and can arise in any location.

If you, a friend, or a loved one are suffering from the effects of a hoarder situation, you should never feel alone. ServiceMaster By Simons can provide quality, trained technicians to aid with hoarder cleanup services. We will arrive promptly and get to work remediating the surroundings.

Trust our experts to provide services such as:

  • Removing all “tagged items”
  • Disposing of all appliances, furniture, and other heavy items
  • Cleaning the area, including bathrooms and kitchens
  • Transport items to charities or consignment shops.
  • If requested, full repair or reconstruction packages will be offered
  • If requested, full painting of the residence

Don’t let yourself or someone else become a victim of the awful, vicious cycle of hoarding. We will always treat any hoarder cleanup situation with a great level of compassion and sensitivity. Depending on the severity of the hoarder situation, mental health providers may need to become involved to provide psychological services to deal with such a delicate matter.

If you or a loved one are surrounded by excessive clutter and suffer from extreme hoarding, we can help. Call ServiceMaster By Simons at 847-316-9145 for a quote.

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