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Post-Construction Cleanup

ServiceMaster By Simons, Golf Illinois’ leader in professional Specialty Cleaning Services, provides Post-Construction Cleanup services to Commercial and Residential customers of Golf Illinois

The small residential town of Golf Illinois is located 17 miles northwest of the Loop and is home to about 500 people. This quaint, out-of-the-way village was settled in the late 1920s and features many older homes on its tree-lined streets. Residents love the short commute to the city from the small-town feel of Golf. Many homes are starting to be updated now that the community is closing in on its 100-year mark, and ServiceMaster By Simons has helped with residential post-construction cleanup & move-in/move-out cleaning services in Golf, IL.

Deciding to renovate, remodel, or add on additional space to your home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Even the thought of having to displace furnishings and family members to complete the project can be overwhelming. ServiceMaster By Simons can help you with the process from start to finish with trained project managers who know how to get the job done with the least amount of household disruption.

With years of experience ServiceMaster By Simons, we will help get your home looking great after the construction workers have completed their work. We’ll step in to take care of all those last-minute details quickly and get you back into your home to enjoy your new space sooner. Count on us to help put the final touches on the job!

We can provide the following services and more:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting air diffusers
  • Cleaning windows
  • Refinishing floors
  • Cleaning restroom fixtures
  • Spot cleaning interior glass
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Spot treating affected carpet areas
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors
  • Upholstery cleaning

Our services are completely tailored to your needs. Whether you want the space to be open house ready upon our departure or you just want us to clean the hard-to-reach areas, we can work out a plan that works for you. Let us take the stress out of post-construction cleanup!

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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, Golf Illinois’ leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, provides homes with Professional Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Services.

One of Chicago’s hidden residential treasures is the village of Golf Illinois, which is home to about 175 families. These beautiful homes are set in a park-like area with mature trees and there is certainly a small town community feel to the area. People move to Golf to raise their families. It’s just a short ride to the cultural Loop area and yet it maintains the quieter lifestyle most families prefer. Just driving along the streets of this friendly place you can feel the pride of ownership in the homes. ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons has helped the residents of Golf, IL with our expert carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

In some extreme cases, such as in the event of a flood, we are called in to help restore the fine furnishings. We go to work fast to help identify the proper restoration services needed. No two fabrics are created exactly alike and our technicians are trained to not only know the difference, but also to know what to do when it comes to cleaning each type of fiber. In some instances, we are working on more than just a couch or a sofa; sometimes we are responsible for restoring a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations.

For general maintenance and restoration of your upholstery and carpet, we can help you form a plan to help your furnishings last longer and keep your home looking great. We’ll identify the high traffic areas that may need special attention and also take into consideration external factors such as kids, pets, and special events. Depending on their needs, some customers have us out several times a year and some just a few times.

Our technicians will vacuum and treat the items with the most advanced equipment and cleansers available. Prefer green cleaning methods? We can accommodate that too, reducing the residual odors and VOCs in your home, which can be helpful to anyone with breathing issues or small children. Our powerful hot steam extraction method means that the items are not unusable or damp for days. You’ll be able to get back to household business as usual in as little as a few hours.

If you desire a custom quote for your Golf home upholstery and carpet cleaning needs, contact us or call us at ServiceMaster By Simons at 847-316-9145.

Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning

Professional Hoarder Clutter Cleaning services are provided by the North Shore’s leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, ServiceMaster By Simons

The village of Golf, Iillinois is a small residential area located 17 miles northwest of the Loop. Of the 175 or so homes, you’ll find many residents who have lived there for many years and who love the proximity of the community to the city and to nearby O’Hare airport. Located on the Metra line, both travel in and out of the city and northbound is made easy.

Despite the cozy village atmosphere, there are people who have needed help with Hoarder Clutter Cleaning from ServiceMaster By Simons. If you have a loved one who just can’t seem to throw anything away to the point that it’s beginning to affect their quality of life, we can help. Severe clutter is sometimes a symptom of a mental health condition called hoarding, but it can also be a sign of aging or dementia for some. The compulsion to save or hoard is often a loved one’s way of dealing with changes that are happening to them. By keeping items close, they believe they can control their lives better. How can you tell if you need clutter or hoarding clean-up services?

The Clutterer

  • Accumulates items unintentionally
  • Lacks organizational skills
  • Cannot make decisions in a timely manner
  • Cannot categorize items
  • May want to get rid of things, but is not sure where to begin
  • May experience shame at their inability to cope and control the order in their home

The Hoarder

  • Accumulates goods that are useless or of very limited value
  • Exhibits severe emotional distress at the thought of reducing the number of items in their home
  • Has rendered their home space unusable in many areas due to their collections
  • Has caused severe damage to household structures and/or damaged appliances as a result of their possessions
  • Experiences social isolation
  • Does not feel the clutter is a problem and in fact feels comforted by it

We know these situations are heartbreaking and emotional. Our trained technicians can help with hoarding clutter cleaning in a discrete and sympathetic way. For your personalized plan on how to begin restoring your loved one’s home in Golf, IL, call us at ServiceMaster By Simons at 847-316-9145.

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