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Post-Construction Cleanup

ServiceMaster By Simons, the North Shore’s leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, provides professional Post-Construction Cleaning services as well as Move-in/Move-out services, to homes and businesses in Glencoe Illinois

Glencoe is a scenic community many people from the Chicago area can see themselves living in. The picturesque homes and the charming downtown lend itself to a feeling like you are living far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but downtown Chicago is just a short ride away via the Metra. This makes for an easy commute for those who want to live near city life but prefer a traditional residential lifestyle at home.

ServiceMaster By Simons has assisted with move-in and move-out cleanup services for residential homes in Glencoe, as well as post-construction cleanup. Our project managers can arrive on site and work with you to create a plan that will help your project move forward.

Selling a home or business: Realtors will tell you that a clean home sells 75% faster than one that needs work. The same goes for a commercial property. Dingy and dirty walls, flooring, or carpet can affect your selling price. We clean from top to bottom with our proprietary methods that capture the dirt and restore surfaces. Our deep cleaning saves you time and can significantly increase asking price.

Buying a home or business: If you bought a property that hasn’t been well-maintained, a thorough cleaning can bring new life to your purchase. We can clean fixtures, dust, clean windows, and even refinish floors. Anything that can be cleaned, we can clean! Our move-in cleanup services will take the stress out of moving.

New Construction or remodeling clean up: Whether it’s a new building in the final stages of completion, or a remodeling project nearing the finish, let ServiceMaster By Simons get the property or space move-in ready. We’ll haul away excess construction material and debris, clean floors, wall, windows, and fixtures, and make it shine. All you need to do is move in!

Delays in construction are costly to you in both time and money. Don’t delay your move because you have to spend days cleaning the space. Let ServiceMaster By Simons take care of your Glencoe Illinois property today with our post-construction and move-in and move-out cleanup services. Contact us at 847-316-9145 today.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, the leader in Specialty Cleaning Services in the North Shore, provides professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services for Glencoe Illinois’ commercial and residential properties

Whether you own a home or a residential business in Glencoe, Illinois, you know the value of a great looking space. Part of the charm of living in this quaint area north of the city is the pride people take in the neighborhoods, the downtown area, and even the railway station that has been used in so many iconic movies throughout the times. If your Glencoe home or business needs carpet or upholstery cleaning, ServiceMaster By Simons is the professional cleaning company that will keep your soft furnishing and carpet investments looking great while being gentle on your budget.

With regularly scheduled professional cleaning, you can extend the life of your carpet and upholstery by many years. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians can work with any kind of textile to properly clean and restore their look and feel. This leaves you with a cleaner and healthier space!

Carpet Cleaning Services: Every home or business has unique needs. We’ll take into account the amount of traffic the area sees, the type of fiber the carpet is made from, as well as pre-treat any stubbornly soiled areas. We can create a carpet cleaning service schedule that is tailored to your needs to keep the carpet looking fresh and clean. This will prolong the life of the carpet by helping repel stains and odors. Most commercial buildings need carpet cleaning services twice a year, but some may need it once a quarter.

Residential homes have unique needs depending on factors such as children, pets, and smoking, and we’ll work with you to determine what will keep your carpeting looking great in your home.

Upholstery Cleaning Services: If you have a soiled and stained piece of expensive furniture, you know how frustrating that can be. For business owners, furniture that looks grimy can create a bad first impression. Clients will immediately notice if your furniture is dirty, dingy, and/or stained, and form opinions on the integrity of your business. Our upholstery cleaning services can thoroughly deep clean all types of fabric, remove stubborn stains with hot steam extraction, and have your furniture ready to use within hours. Want us to use green cleaning solutions? Not a problem at all! When the work is completed, we’ll conduct a thorough post-cleaning inspection of each piece of furniture with you to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with the results.

We offer free estimates on both our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services for your Glencoe, IL home or business. Contact us today at 847-316-9145.

Hoarder & Clutter Cleaning

ServiceMaster By Simons, the North Shores leader in Specialty Cleaning Services, provides professional Hoarder Clutter Cleaning services to homes, apartments and senior facilities in Glencoe IL

Nestled along Chicago’s North Shore next to Lake Michigan lies the charming community of Glencoe, Illinois. This park-like area is surrounded by forested areas which gives Glencoe a cozy small-town feeling. The community has taken special care to restore the downtown area and many surrounding homes to reflect the period when the buildings were built. If you reside in Glencoe and suspect a loved one or family member is suffering from hoarding, we can help with Hoarder Clutter Cleaning services. ServiceMaster By Simons has helped many people in the Glencoe Illinois area deal with hoarding and extreme clutter in their homes.

This relatively misunderstood mental health condition has also been closely linked to dementia, so it’s most common with older adults. Collecting excessive items, rummaging, and stacking are all common behavior problems associated with hoarding. These problematic symptoms can range from odd to deeply embarrassing to family members.

Individuals who hoard do so for a number of reasons. They may be attempting to cope with their loss of memory by holding onto items they think may be important, or they may not remember that they are holding onto them at all. Also, having things around them gives them a sense of security.

When the items begin to threaten the safety of the inhabitants and home, we consider that to be not just clutter, but a hoarding situation. Whatever the reason, if your loved one is surrounded by clutter that is not able to be controlled, this could cause an injury or a fall. Health risks can become a concern if sanitation is poor in the home.

ServiceMaster By Simons can help with clutter clean up or hoarding situations. We help identify items that need to be kept, what needs to be safely disposed of, and what can be given away. This is a delicate process for the person afflicted. Our trained technicians have the know-how to clean and sanitize the home while showing the utmost in respect and compassion as all parties navigate through this potentially difficult time.

If you or a loved one are in need of hoarder clean up services, please give us a call at 847-316-9145. Our discreet and sympathetic staff will provide the best hoarding and clutter clean up in Glencoe, IL.

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